White Heron Awards February 2017

By February 7, 2017White Heron Awards

The Marathon Garden Club presented the GREAT WHITE HERON AWARD to the members of our city council in recognition of the beautification work they approved for our new city hall. This traveling award is presented periodically throughout the year to recognize area businesses, churches, tourist accommodations and other organizations who participate in beautification projects on their properties.  Judging is based on the appearance of the building, property maintenance, signs, landscaping, parking and code compliance. 

The new buildings, paved parking area and landscaping with native plants have greatly enhanced the image and attractiveness of our town.  The Great White Heron Award has been given since 1980.  Properties along US Route 1 between Seven Mile Bridge and Conch Key are eligible for consideration.   The council’s commitment to providing a park and attractive green areas improve the attractive appearance of Marathon and members of the Garden Club support your efforts!

Watch video of ceremony here.


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